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Live streaming vehicleProduct details
According to the requirements of 8-channel input HD/4K production, the live broadcast vehicle is designed on the basis of C's own vehicle (C1/C2 driver's license), using the blackmagic 4-level 4K switching station as the core production equipment, and supporting the blackmagic Teranex format converter, the MultiTek optical transceiver, the blackmagic 4K solid-state video recorder, the ultra HD camera, the Sky Vision wireless communication system, the subtitler, the Mixing console, the monitor speaker, the GPS clock system, the 4K guide TV wall Huawei 5G routing base station, switch, UPS uninterruptible power supply, power control system, fiber optic/SDI video transmission system, and reserved expansion channels and EVS slow action production system in the vehicle.

The total length of the live broadcast vehicle body is 5.995 meters. Tianying Shitong has reinforced the body skeleton and filled it with insulation, sound insulation, fire protection and environmental protection materials. The interior is decorated with comfortable colors, and the staff can conduct the broadcast work comfortably whether it is in the scorching summer or in the harsh winter; Design highly recognizable body elements based on user needs in terms of appearance; The construction of live streaming vehicles can meet the requirements of live broadcasting for small and medium-sized activities in enterprises, and can be said to be a mobile fortress for ultra high definition live broadcasting.

As a new ultra-high definition mobile broadcasting vehicle system, new technologies such as 5G transmission and integrated media have also been added, providing a richer range of program formats and broadcasting methods. 5G CPE is used in conjunction with multiple streaming codecs to achieve live streaming connections between vehicles/stations in a 5G public network environment, interactive online live streaming, and more support for multi-channel on-demand during online live streaming. Integrated media production is not only about network streaming, but also supports the access of 5G mobile phone images on the 4K integrated production switching platform. The participation of mobile phone images in and out of the car enriches the signal resources for "big screen" production and livens up the "small screen" live broadcast.
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