The successful delivery and operation of the large-scale 4K live broadcast vehicle of Tianying Shito

In March 2020, Tianying Shitong assisted in the live streaming of two 4K broadcasting vehicles in China. The design requirements of the vehicles were proposed by the customer, and Beijing Tianying Shitong Technology Co., Ltd. provided technical solutions, equipment, vehicle modification, and technical support for the live streaming vehicles.
The vehicle will undertake various variety shows, artistic performances, sports broadcasting, news special program production, and several important conferences, as well as live box program recording tasks and remote 4G transmission. The system design and equipment selection prioritize stability and reliability.

▲ 4K ultra High-definition television relay vehicle in use
The system design of the 4K live streaming vehicle should reserve space for future audit and expansion of system functions; The composition of the overall framework, system interfaces, and corresponding system equipment should have sufficient room for expansion, and meet the needs of various small-scale broadcasting and recording work.

Compared to traditional indoor live streaming rooms, live streaming vehicles can "move" live programs outdoors, to grassroots townships, industrial and mining enterprises, and even fields, leading netizens to "enter" the news scene, allowing for 24-hour and comprehensive online video live streaming of major events, important reports, and emergencies.
The use of 5G network is more flexible, making up for the shortcomings of traditional live streaming vehicles that are difficult to move and shoot. On the full high-definition channel of the live streaming vehicle, from the large camera to the small phone in front of the reporter, and even the aerial camera, wireless camera, computer, or on-site large screen signal can be connected, achieving real-time high-definition live streaming.
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