The 'speech artifact' is here. The teleprompter is only visible to the speaker

There are reports from overseas media that US President Obama relies heavily on teleprompter during his speech. The teleprompter he used was a transparent panel shaped instrument, about the size of a book. When giving a speech, the teleprompter is usually supported in front of the podium, parallel to the speaker's line of sight, so as to create the illusion of complete completion in front of the camera.
But this doesn't deceive the audience on site. Everyone can see this eye-catching teleprompter on stage, which looks like a music score rack. Under the camera's lens, this teleprompter is also invisible and very eye-catching.
Now, a magical tool has been developed to avoid such awkwardness - an "invisible teleprompter" that only speakers can see.
The secret lies in nanoscale prisms
In a company's showroom, the marketing director gave a passionate speech on stage. But he didn't finish the manuscript, there was an invisible prompt board in front of him, and the people downstairs couldn't see it at all.
Only when we walked behind him did we discover this invisible teleprompter. This teleprompter stands in the void, with no physical display screen behind it, and the hand can fully "penetrate" this text. If a three-dimensional space without imaging above the void is obstructed by a sealed medium, the camera cannot capture the image, and people also need to stand at an appropriate angle to see the aerial image.
This magical invisible teleprompter is made by means of Optical instrument hidden in the lectern. When we were in school, we all learned the optical principles of prisms and knew that they could "break" straight light and turn it around. And the "glass" of the flying statue contains countless nanoscale prisms, which can "break" the light projected in a space one tenth the size of a hair thread, allowing them to "redirect" according to the set angle. Then, through a layer of focusing layer, the "redirected" light is reassembled into an image in another predetermined space. This achieves a naked eye effect, or "flying image".
In the future, focus on "human-computer interaction"
Recently, at the opening ceremony of the National Science Popularization Day held in Shanghai, both the guest speakers and hosts of the opening ceremony used the "invisible teleprompter" of flying camera technology to deliver speeches, which were said to have been very effective. This year, Feixiang Technology Co., Ltd. will push this product to the market.
In addition, we are also committed to developing a home entertainment terminal combining AI's Gesture recognition technology and aerial imaging technology. We hope that in the future, we can make sounds on the virtual stereo piano in front of us by sliding our hands in the air. We want to make such a gaming device
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