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Beijing Tianying Vision Technology Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as Company) was established in 2013 and is a professional Audio, Video, Radio, and live broadcast equipment, supplier. Our Company is located in Changping District, Beijing, with more than 3,000 square meter office area and the factory size is more than 2,000 square meter which located in Dongguan city. We are professional team and devote to the design, development, production, and sales of broadcasting equipment. The products mainly include a teleprompter, OB VAN, live production switcher, monitor, capture card, live str...

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The teleprompter utilizes the principle of spectral reflection to present text content during use, and sets the basic parameters, text size, text color, subtitle scrolling speed, background color, etc. of the teleprompter through specialized control software operations during work. The emergence of teleprompter has changed a series of embarrassing situations in previous speeches, such as incorrect words and sentences due to personal or environmental reasons. Nowadays, you only need to use a speech teleprompter to completely solve these problems. Speech prompter not only solves the awkward problem of speaking, but also often brings convenience to the public, changing many habits and experiences. Teleprompter is mainly composed of Beam splitter, Lens hood, display, control software, communication cable and other components. Different types of teleprompter are configured differently.

vMix Video Control Panel

A switcher is a device used for multi camera studio or location production, which connects selected videos through cutting, stacking, and drawing, and then creates and embeds other special effects to complete program production. The main function of the switching station is to provide convenience for timely editing, selecting various video materials and connecting them one by one through transition techniques.

Broadcast All-in-one Machine

The live broadcast integrated machine of the broadcasting station refers to a live broadcast device that integrates multiple functions such as camera shooting, tuning, editing, subtitles, filters, etc. Its main function is to facilitate users' live streaming, improve the professionalism and efficiency of live streaming.

The main characteristics of the live streaming all-in-one machine on the broadcasting station are powerful functionality, easy operation, high efficiency, and strong professionalism. It adopts an integrated operating platform that centralizes various functions, allowing users to complete all operations on the same platform, thereby improving the efficiency of live streaming. The live streaming integrated machine of the broadcasting station also has good compatibility and can be used simultaneously with other devices to achieve high-quality and efficient live streaming.

Intercom System

The wireless intercom system has the characteristics of flexibility, easy operation, fast voice transmission, and economical use, and is a fundamental means to achieve automation of production scheduling and modernization of management. The wireless intercom system is an independent dual frequency bidirectional automatic repetitive communication system that solves the problem of communication signals being unable to be covered due to factors such as communication range or building structure. It is convenient to accurately use it when and where to contact personnel such as security, engineering, operations, and services, and to perform duties at non fixed positions within the management premises.

Studio LED light

The lighting equipment in the studio cannot do without spotlights, so what is the main function of LED spotlights in the studio? Its characteristics are high light efficiency, large beam angle, and uniform light spot. It is a commonly used auxiliary lighting fixture for contour light and backlight in studio lighting arrangements. The projection angle of contour light is ≤ 45 °, avoiding flat front light; Backlight is projected forward from the back of the characters, and the beam size of the LED studio spotlight can be controlled through the DMX512 signal to provide fixed point lighting for the characters and scenery props. Its function is to enhance the sense of hierarchy and stereoscopic effect of the picture, making the two-dimensional TV picture have a three-dimensional spatial sense, making the picture more realistic, providing even and delicate illumination to the host's face, and shining eyes.